Why is Nature Important?

When you wake up do you watch the sunrise? When you are driving home do you gaze at the sunset? Do the stars fascinate you? About a year ago I would have said yes to all of these, but now I say YES YES YES. I have fallen deeply in love with something we call nature. This is definitely one thing I have (more) recently noticed. God has created such a beautiful and magical place for us to live on.

Last Friday Memphis decided it wanted to snow- so it did. It was maybe an inch or so, but nevertheless there was still some white fluff. Since it rarely snows I decided go out and take some pictures. I mainly took pictures of my pup (her name is Phoebe) as she pranced around the backyard. It’s not these photos that enchanted me but the moment. As I stood there freezing my bum off I looked up to sky. It was grey and wonderful. I couldn’t help but grin a little. Ever since I was a kid, looking up always made me happy. Whether it be looking up at the stars or blue sky. It’s funny how a grey sky can make you feel so happy.

That evening I started freaking out even more. You would not believe how amazing the sky was looking. And it was all in one day! I ran upstairs and opened my window. I stared at the sky for what felt like hours. The pink hues and purple undertones made this the prettiest sunset I had ever seen. Even my camera couldn’t capture the true beauty of it. Once again I have a problem with loving the sky so much.

It may just be snow and sunset to some people, but to me it’s much more than that. It’s the beauty of God’s world. How can somebody not believe in a greater power when they see something like this? You can’t get this kind of beauty from the Big Bang Theory. Thus why I have made 2016 the year that I capture beauty more often. I often miss the little things that make our world so beautiful. That being said, I hope you discover something beautiful this year too.

xoxo, mh


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