Nature is Calling

Once again I find myself dreaming of the outdoors. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it hits me like a tidal wave. I have never been much of an outdoors-y person but recently I have found a liking for it.  Spring break is only a few months away, and that could mean a trip to the mountains.tumblr_nzmgp5XAtj1qeohoxo1_540tumblr_ny1q81RUhX1ub71hgo1_540

I can just see myself hammocking with my puppy in my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand. I may even bring a few friends with me (force them to stop watching Netflix and enjoy nature). I’m not sure where we would go but where ever it is, it will be beautiful. Even if I don’t go anywhere for spring break I hope I will find myself exploring my city more. It’s easy for us to get into the same routine- going to the same Starbucks, listening to the same artist, staying in and reading a book. Those aren’t all bad things but sometimes change is good. Whether or not you find yourself exploring the great outdoors, I encourage you to get off your bum and do something different. It’s definitely something I want to do A LOT more of this year.

Maybe if you have a free weekend you can stay at a cabin near by and have a girls weekend. It’s as simple as that. You actually don’t even have to leave your hometown. Anything outside your four bedroom walls is considered nature. Go on a picnic with your friends. Go hammocking in the park by your house. Live a little more each day. Eventually we are going to run out of excuses as to why we haven’t left our room all day.

I hope this inspired you to get out and do something. Until next time…

xoxo, mh



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