A Lazy Weekend

This past weekend was nothing exciting. I started my weekend off by shopping for new  Christmas decorations. On Saturday morning my mom and I made various trips to various stores. I am very indecisive person, making it very difficult for me to shop until I have everything together. Eventually it all came together just the way I wanted it. After that I went to lunch with one of my friends. We hadn’t really seen each other that much lately so it was nice to catch up. That night I decorated my Christmas tree and took a bath:) The bath bomb that I used from Lush is discontinued, but they have some great stuff out right now!

Sunday was a pretty chilled day as well. After church I ate lunch and attempted to try to play my dad’s old guitar. I still don’t really know any chords yet, but I am slowly learning. I have now found a new respect for people who can actually play. God bless their fingers. The rest of the day I worked on some homework and watch Mockingjay Part 1 with my dad. Even though I didn’t really do anything this weekend, it was nice to relax.

In case you were dying to know what I wore on Sunday-I wore a cropped sweater from a Banana Republic Outlet, high waisted jeans from American Eagle, black booties from Lucky, and my necklace is from The Giving Keys.

Until next time;)

xoxo, mh


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