Monthly Music Favorites- October

Hello people! Since I didn’t do my music favorites last month, I have a lot of artists I need to go over. Let’s get this show on the road. First of all, Max and the Moon. This band is definitely something I have never heard before. They are an alternative band (of course). They have two lead singers- both males, who’s voices fit perfectly together. Like many bands you just have to listen to them to get the gist.

Next in line is Mike Mains and the Branches. I found a love for this band after listening to their most popular song, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” I wouldn’t say I love all of their songs, but I do like most. I think many people wouldn’t like their music because it’s so different. They mix different genres and you can always hear the back up singers, which I really like. I think they are a really authentic band. Give them a listen here.

I had never really given much of a listen to Vance Joy, until about two months ago. Let me tell you, I think I died when I realized how truly amazing he is. Contrary to belief, “Riptide” is not the only song by him. My favorite song by him is definitely “Fire and the Flood.” I really recommend you giving him a listen.

This band reminds me of the Willamette Stone, the band in If I Stay. As much as I loved that fictional band, I love this one much much more. The lead singer has such a smooth voice that it’s kind of hard not to like them. This rock band is making it’s way to my list of favorite bands, which is saying a lot. I think everyone should give them a listen.

When I heard Holychild in concert I didn’t really like them, but after really listening to them, they grew on me. I think if Zella Day went Indie Pop, this is what she would kind of sound like. At the concert the drummer had a shirt with weed leaves on it, so this is clearly a band with good influence. None the less, you should try them out.

I may have just heard this song a few days ago, but OMGGGG this song is so good. Circles by Machineheart is my favorite song right now. I haven’t listened to any of their other stuff, but I have a good feeling about it. Listen to them here.

Hope you have a lovely week!!!

xoxo, mh


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