Inspirational Things

This year I feel like my mind is finally finding it’s resting place. By that I mean, I think I am almost at the point where I know who I am/ want to be. That being said, my mind has been exploding with inspiration and ideas this season. Since I am very fond of list (along with mood boards), I thought I would make one about the things that are inspiring me at the moment. I hope you might find some inspiration in this!

  • Braids. Braids. Braids. I have been so into weird braided hairstyles of the late. Do I know how to do any of them? Well, not exactly but maybe in the future I will. As the messy hair trend is still a thing, messy braided hair is definitely coming in style. As a scroll threw Tumblr and Pinterest I see it constantly on the run way and at home.
  • Midwest. As a typically girl born and raised in the South, I have never been out west. But my oh my do I want to. It seems so enchanting and different from everything I am used to.
  • Sweaters. If there’s a sweater near by, I will be wearing it. There’s just something about a sweater or cardigan that makes me feel at home- even when I am home.
  • Bronzed eyes. My favorite shade to wear year round, but recently I have seen metallic gold/ bronze around the whole eye. Personally, I am diggin it.
  • What what what socks with sandals. I LOVE wearing my Birkenstocks with socks. I think it’s so fun and interesting but mainly just really comfortable. IMG_0937
  • Dewy skin. For a girl who has skin drier than the Sahara Desert, this is kind of a year round thing. That being said, I enhance it even more in the fall and winter. Unlike most people, who want everything to be matte when the colder months roll around, I prefer to keep my skin looking fresh and dewy.
  • Hats. I have always been a lover of hats, but the obsession is getting worse and worse. No matter what season it is, I always want a new hat. Right now, I am on the hunt for a burgundy one to fit my small head (wish me luck).
  • Film & Polaroids. I may not have a film camera that works (I have an old Polaroid but have no film), but I love the idea of having a photo instantly. Hopefully I will get my hands on some film this season.
  • Quotes. This past Sunday I spent my time scrolling through my Pinterest, looking for quotes to inspire this season. I came across quite a bit. In result, I wrote them down and put them on the back of my closet door, which is right next to my bed. This is a great way to remind yourself to keep going.
  • Adventure. Oddly enough I find myself seeking more adventure now than ever before. It’s a bit unfortunate because I am still in school until December. In the mean time I will have to explore my surroundings, which is always a healthy things to do. If you haven’t ever really explored your city that much, I highly encourage you to do so.IMG_0928
  • High tops. My favorite pair of shoes right now are definitely my Chucks. They go with everything and are super comfortable. If you don’t own a pair, I highly recommend you getting your hands on some.
  • Boyfriend jeans. While I am still looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans, I imagine all of the outfits I could wear with them. My favorite of all, a baggy cardigan, high tops, and boyfriend jeans (of course), paired with a fedora.
  • Lace ups. Okay so this may be kind of weird, but the whole lace up trend is to die for. Free People has a pair of flats right now
  • Zella Day. I can’t even put into words how much I love her voice. She’s a very very very talented indie singer; not to mention how adorable she is. I highly recommend that you listen to her album (Kicker). IMG_0940
  • Glossy lips. If you can’t tell by now, I am really into the whole dewy thing at the moment. That being said, balancing makeup is very important-especially during this season. You can go for a matter complexion and glossy lip or dewy skin and matte lip. Whatever suits you!
  • Rings. They have always been my favorite acessory, but now my style is evolving. Now, I am really into weird geometric and simplistic rings. Does that make any sense? Probably not. I have a picture of some that I like below.
  • Vanzzzzz. I love vans. Always have, always will. But instead of the classic ones, I am really diggin the Sk8-Hi ones. Now I just have to decide which color to get. The Struggle.
  • High waisted jeans + loose fitting tops. Tucking a loose blouse or sweater into high waisted jeans, immediately changed your outfit. Blue denim + any neutral top = perfection.
  • Puppies. I know it’s really random, but my oh my do I want a dog right now. I may possibly already have 2 already (both technically not mine), but that doesn’t stop me. Something about cold weather and snuggling with a puppy seems incredible.

Suede. Something about suede gets me really excited. I love the texture it has and how cool it looks with outfits. Hopefully a suede jacket will be in my future. IMG_0956

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, mh


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