Music Favorites of the Month- August

My taste in music this month has changed a bit. I have really gotten into some more western inspired music. For instance, Good Old War. I came across them a few weeks ago and fell in love. I had never heard anything quite like them before. If you are in to acoustic guitars, you will most likely love them. They have a song called Small World and it really reminds me of NEEDTOBREATHE (another amazing band).

Secondly, I have discovered a love for country music. I have lived in the South my whole entire life, but I have always disliked country music (with the exception of Keith Urban *heart eyes*). I decided to give Sam Hunt a try, considering he has written a song for Keith. Sam Hunt is not only very good looking;  he knows how to change up the typical “country music.” Even if you hate country music, I think you should give him a try.

The next band is by far the most different from the other artists I have talked about. Sir Sly is edgy but not punk, and dark but emo. Once again, a hard one to explain. I can see how people could not like them, but their differenceness (is that even a word) intrigued me. The first song I ever heard by them was Gold. I have no earthly idea what the song means but it’s hella cool. Another great find this month.

Last but not least is an artist that I found on Youtube. I was looking up covers for TSwizle’s song, Style, and came across a mash up of Style and Blank Space. Louisa Wendorff’s rendition
blew me away so I hit the subscribe button and impatiently waited for an original song of hers to come out. Thankfully one did. Over the summer she did a Summer Trilogy, which introduced three new songs of hers to start off an E.P. Only two of the songs (New Normal and Let You Love Me) have been released so far, but they are amazing!! In a way she kind of reminds me of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. There is also a lot of originality in her music too (which I deeply appreciate).

Hope you guys have a lovely week!!!

xoxo, mh


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