Minimal Makeup Routine

When you are getting ready for school, the goal is to not look like a zombie. So you spend about 20 minutes trying to look decent. The end result: you just lost 20 minutes doing your makeup. To keep you from not doing that, I will share some of my “secrets” with you.

First of all, if you don’t shower in the morning then try to skip washing your face. If you skip washing your face, at least wash it at night. Instead, go in with some micellar water (try this one from Simple) to get the gunk and oil off from the night before. Then apply moisturizer and/or eye cream. If you don’t have an eye cream just use some face moisturizer around them, but be sure not to rub too hard and be gentle.

Next step is the actual makeup. I definitely recommend a primer to anyone, whether or not you have oily skin. This one from Tarte is good for oily and dry skin! I know a lot of people are self conscious about their skin and they “have to wear foundation,” but blending in foundation can take ages. Instead, slap on some concealer under your eyes, around your nose, and what ever spots you feel the need to cover up. Immediately after you must must must set your concealer (especially under your eyes). Believe it or not, even people with very dry skin need to set their under eye concealer. But the setting doesn’t stop there. Anywhere you put concealer probably needs to be set as well. Unless, you know that it won’t be sliding around.

Tarte Poreless primerMaybelline Fit Me concealerL’Oreal True Match powder

Another essential, for me at least, is mascara (try this one from the drugstore). Load it on. Since you aren’t going to be wearing a lot of other makeup, your eyes is a great place to focus on. Curl those lashes up, apply mascara, and you can even put some eyeliner in your waterline (this one is great for blue eyes).

Urban Decay 24/7 eyelinerMaybelline Pumped Up mascara

These next few steps are optional. If you really care about your brows, fill them in with some brow powder or light brown eye shadow, what ever suits your color. If you are have more fair skin (like me) or you just love bronzer, put it near your temples and cheek bones to warm up your complexion (this one from Benefit is great for all skin tones). If you are feeling a little down and you need a pop, put some blush on (the Tarte ones last all day). Remember the more steps you add, the more times you will spend. I recommend going with bronzer or blush. You don’t have to use both on a day to day basis.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blushBenefit Hoola bronzer

When it comes to brushes I like to go for a cheaper alternative. My favorite are from Real Techniques (you can get them at Ulta). I also really like the one E.l.f. brush that I have for setting my under eye concealer. I use the contour brush from Real Techniques to bronze up my skin, and I also use it for blush as well. For foundation or concealer, I blend it in with the Real Techniques version of a beauty blender.

E.l.f. small tapered brushReal Techniques Core Collection Set (includes contour brush), Real Techniques sponge

This seems like a lot of steps but it only takes me about 5 minutes. In reality you just need to do what ever you feel the most comfortable in. Hope you this helped you out a bit.

xoxo, mh


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