Music Favorites of the Month- JULY

Hello lovelies! This month I was blessed to be introduced to an amazing band, Hidden Charms. I, being a huge fan of the 80’s, was instantly drawn towards their music. At the moment they only have one song called “Dreaming of Another Girl,” but this song is different from anything I have ever heard before.

A few weeks ago I went to an Imagine Dragons concert (which was amazing) and I was introduced to Halsey. I had heard of her before, but I had never really connected to her music. But when she opened for Imagine Dragons I fell in love. If you love Imagine Dragons, there is no doubt that you will love her.

At the beginning of May, I was introduced to Zella Day by one of my best friends. Considering her great taste in music, I knew I would like Zella Day. Her album came out about 2 months ago and I fell head over heels. Her music is, once again, different from anything I have ever heard. I can’t quite describe it, which just means that you need to listen to her for yourself.

Last but not least, Twenty One Pilots. I never really heard much about them until I heard “Stressed Out.” After listening to more of their music, I fell in love. They are pretty different compared to the rest of the music I have mentioned, which makes me love them even more.

xoxo, mh


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