About two months ago, my best friend and I went to the beach. We saw dolphins, rode the waves, and attempted to get a tan. Whenever I am at the beach, it is always a good time. I get to relax and explore my surroundings. I love the outdoors, but it’s always humid and gross where I live (but I’m really just too lazy to go outside). When I’m at the beach, I only want to be outside, whether or not I am in the sand. While we were down there, Annie and I explored quite a bit. We bike pretty far one day, for us at least. In the area we were staying, there’s a smart house. We tried to see how close up we could get to it, but of course the thing had a very large concrete fence.
IMG_3302 IMG_3304

(Wishing we had a selfie stick)IMG_3305

IMG_3316 - Copy Our time at the beach was well spent. I was turned into a mermaid via sand, and I got extremely sunburned in various places. Yet, I will always miss the beach. There is nothing better then laying in the sand and reading a good book. But my favorite thing to do at the beach, is take pictures. For some amazing reason, the lighting is almost always perfect so you can always capture a beautiful photo. That seems a little dramatic but it’s true. Even when it’s a little cloudy you can always get the sun to hit it perfectly.


I now lay in bed at home, waiting impatiently for the day we return to the beach. In the mean time I will watch Friends on the “Flix” and possibly venture outside once and awhile. I hope you guys have a lovely week šŸ˜›


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